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What are nangs?

Nangs is the slang term for nitrous oxide cream chargers.

What is in nangs?

Nitrous oxide gas in the active ingredient in nangs. Nitrous oxide gas also known as laughing gas is the same gas as dentists use on patients as an anaesthetic when they need to drill or pull a tooth. Nitrous oxide gas is also used in cream chargers to whip cream.

How does nitrous oxide whip cream?

The nitrous oxide gas dissolves in the cream fat when under pressure in a whipped cream dispenser and then expands to form little bubbles in the cream fat when the cream is released from the whipped cream dispenser to normal atmospheric pressure.

Where to get nangs?

Where to get nangs? You can buy nangs online in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and get them delivered in about 20 minutes to your doorstep. Nang Delivery Brisbane has drivers available for 24/7 nangs delivery service in Brisbane.

How much are nangs?

How much are nangs? A box of 50 nangs will cost about $50 plus delivery. Delivery cost will depend on where you are located and how fast the delivery is.

How to use nangs?

Nangs are used with a whipped cream dispenser. To whip cream add cream to the bottom part of the whipped cream dispenser (the canister part) and screw the head back on. Then put a nang in the nang holder with the more pointy part pointing towards the whipped cream dispenser head. Screw the nang holder into the whipped cream dispenser head. The nang gas will be released into the whipped cream dispenser and dissolve into the cream. You can then press the whipped cream dispenser trigger to release whipped cream.

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